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Welcome to Publish or Perish

Why use the Publish or Perish copyediting, proofreading and translation service?

  • There is no second chance to make a first impression: nothing should distract journal reviewers and editors from your science. Your article must be well written. Publish or Perish can help you, from a persuasive covering letter and clear abstract, to a thoughtful discussion section and pertinent conclusions.

  • Funders may question how precise your proposed research will really be if your grant request contains basic errors. Publish or Perish will eliminate them and help you present your work in a professional manner. 

  • Publish or Perish is attentive to every detail and will do more than simply correct your spelling mistakes. We will make your sentences concise and understandable; we will question ambiguities and comment on your style; and we will make the necessary adaptations for your target audience or journal, whether in British or American English.

  • There are only a certain number of favours that you can ask of your English-speaking friends and colleagues. Will your co-author be able to see the wood for the trees on the fourth read-through? Informing an editor that you have used a professional proofreading or translation service, like Publish or Perish, lets her know how serious you are about presenting your work properly.