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Stage 1

Send us an email stating by when you require a finalised copy of your document and roughly how many words it contains. It takes an hour to proofread 700-900 words, but
the total time necessary to supply you with the perfect copy depends greatly on the level of your English. That is why Publish or Perish charges by the hour. 

We will quote you an hourly rate, and 
if you send us a couple of pages to examine we will estimate the total cost. We will give you our current time constraints and you can decide whether or not you wish to go ahead.

Stage 2

Send us your draft text for correction or translation. If your target journal has recommendations for scientists or a style guide, please send them too.

Stage 3

Publish or Perish will return your revised document with all the Tracked Changes visible. You will be able to see every comma moved, every capital letter added and every reworked sentence. You can easily mask the Tracked Changes and accept all the corrections, but it will certainly be better for your English to accept the changes individually and try to understand why we have made them. Our final proofread and corrected version should be yours too.

You will also be able to read our comments, suggestions and questions. You and your co-authors may have to rethink certain points, approve changes in the order of sentences, or agree to remove an ambiguity from your paper.

Stage 4

If you so desire, we will come to your laboratory or office and work through the final draft with you. Once you are happy with the document, we will make out an invoice. 

When you submit your article with a covering letter, it is a good idea to write that you have had it proofread by Publish or Perish. This will show that you are serious about your article: not all journal editors are masters of the English language, even if they are professors of brain surgery or rocket science. 
Should your paper be returned by the editors with a request for "significant revisions to the English" or suchlike, then we would naturally work on the necessary revisions for free.

Stage 5

Once your article has been published, we would be very grateful if you could send Publish or Perish the full academic reference so that we can add you to our list of satisfied clients.

Stage 6

If you were happy with the Publish or Perish service then please tell your friends and colleagues. A personal recommendation is worth a hundred marketing letters.