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Who we are

Darren Hart officially founded Publish or Perish on 1 May 2012, but he has been helping organisations and individuals with their English for many years.

With a Swiss-French mother and a British father, Darren grew up perfectly bilingual. 
After graduating with a B.A.(Hons) in European Economics, awarded jointly by the University of Nantes and Middlesex University, Darren worked for a financial services company close to Geneva. 

Later, inspired by working for the 
World Wide Fund for Nature and the International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance, Darren completed an MSc in Development Management with the Open University. As either the only ex-patriot with fluent French or the only Swiss with native English skills, he held communication roles at the Humanitarian Accountability Partnership, Pi Environmental Consulting and Public Services International. His responsibilities included proofreading, correcting or writing for web sites, reports, newsletters, documents and campaign materials. 

Before starting 
Publish or Perish, Darren spent four years as the communication and administration officer for a large European Commission project on nanomaterial safety. He worked with PhD students and established scientists, using his skills to improve their research proposals, abstracts, posters, articles for peer-reviewed journals and theses. 

Darren also has experience of teaching English to adults - from classes of a dozen unemployed people of all social backgrounds and nationalities, to one-on-one lessons with company directors.

Darren envisions Publish or Perish as a dynamic, flexible, English language resource for scientists: he wants his clients to get publishe
d and to flourish. He is particularly interested in public health, international development and the many fields of nanotechnology.